Friday, August 5, 2011

Meeting the Band

Desperate for something to do... I suggested that we all try something called "propaganda" at the O2 Academy on Cowley road.  So on saturday night we bought tickets for five pounds, went to a couple of pubs, then finally the O2 Academy.

To be honest, I hadn't a clue on what to expect.. I mean, cool concerts in Oxford? Anyways, we waited in line and walked in to an empty venue...

There was a band playing on the second floor for an entirely different concert than what we had paid for, so we decided to go upstairs.

The Scholars (the band that was playing upstairs) were a mix between the Killers and Death Dab for Cutie? Maybe.. I'm not sure, I'm not that into the punk scene but they were amazing! I was mesmorized by the darkness with red lighting shining on their faces while they sang in a depressing and dark tone, plus in the dark the main singer looked really cute.

After the show, while we stood around waiting for the show that we came for to start, Jenna (brave soul) walked right up to the lead singer and told him we should all hang out... After that night we spent a couple of days laboring over what to write as a comment on their facebook page. Time well spent, might I add, because they replied!

Anyways, we told them to meet us for drinks when they came into town the next weekend. After a bit of indecisiveness on their part, they decided we can all meet at City Arms on Cowley rd. After scrambling over what to wear we ran to City Arms, in fear of being late, and sat down (awkwardly) to the band. One of the member proceeded to eat his fries with a fork, in a pub. I politely asked... "why are you eating your fries with a fork?".. he said and I qoute: "Because I am civilized" in that god awful snobby tone that made me a little hesitant to continue with the night.

After we figured out that they don't really drink and didn't know of anywhere to show us around in Oxford, we took them to turf tavern. After trying to teach them a drinking game and sitting around playing ten fingers a large group of college students walked into the bar. The band immediately commented that they must be Americans by the noise.. and I said "really!?" and walked right on over.. I ended up having a debate with someone from nebraska about the huskied, and meeting a girl from Delta Zeta (my sorority) from South Carolina! That was the high light of my night... I expected more entertainment from the british band but no such luck.

Side note: All any of us had for signatures was our phones..

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