Friday, August 5, 2011

City of the dreaming spires... Where are they?

Where are all of these romanticized writers and poets, anyways? If they've left because of the food... that's understandable. The people I encounter here continue to disappoint me. I travel to meet the people, and I go out ..... to socialize. The places that were once known as the local hot spots, where famous writers used to kick back, like the Eagle and Child, are really no longer much of anything except a historical sight.

In Oxford I was looking for the current dreaming spires, the things that people would be in awe of now... but I found, nothing. Oxford seems to be banking off of an old and dying legacy, the surrounding city wouldn't be much without the lingering historical significance. In my opinion, the city needs something, I think they rely too much on the "oxford" part and not enough on hospitality and the things we all forget about until we don't have them.

It might be because it is summertime, but the students are missing from Oxford! In my nightly adventures out on the town I was hoping to meet more than a couple eligible bachelors from Albania ... I have yet to meet a guy or girl student who would be willing to be "friends".

While it's nice to sit underneath a tree, reading and basking in the fact that there's a chance so many accomplished people have done that same thing... it gets old. I'm looking for more, but I'm not sure what!

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