Friday, August 5, 2011


Bristol is in among the group of England's core cities and has a historically important port. When Isaiah, Jamie and I made our way to Bristol I had no idea what to expect.... What's there to do in Bristol anyways?

The only thing I had read about was that their bars were always packed because of their laid back liqour regulations, but that was for later... During our one day in Bristol we took a tour bus and I was pleasantly surprised at the scenery and history of the place, as well as the real estate on the upper hills of Bristol, they have some money!

After that we walked around, visited the Bristol cathedral and I had the most delicious burger I've had, maybe, ever. I didn't realize that Bristol is also home to a famous street artist, Banksy, and his politically fueled street art is every throughout the city. It was beautiful!

After that we had to nap and then plan our night adventures in Bristol. Just like in Cardiff, we decided that Bristol's bar scene would be the best down by the water, and it sure was. Once again, all of the places to eat and bars were very new and nicely laid out with people spilling into the streets. There was an odd number of bacherolette and bachelor parties though, or at least that's what I'm assuming all of the groups of people dressed up were.. People were fairly welcoming and I very much enjoyed spending the night by the water, but soon enough we decided to go home and prepare for our next day's adventure.

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