Friday, August 5, 2011


Without having the whole metropolitan thing going for it, Bath by far, stands out. It's one of the most beautiful and breathe taking cities I have been to, it has a peaceful energy about it and you feel like your day can go on forever.

When we arrived in Bath we headed straight for a place to eat, Garfunkel's. We picked the place because it has a great view of Bath's famous park and some of the main streets that the people of Bath walked along. Now, I had heard that Bath was a college town, but that was not even close to the phenomenon we were experiencing this Sunday.

We sat and watched, what seems to be the entire town, march around singing religious songs until finally   residing in the park for the priest to give a speech for everyone to hear. I automatically decided that park must be owned by the church or someone very important that belongs to the church, and later on we found out that the park was indeed a private park and cost us one pound for entry.

During the day in Bath we took two sight seeing tours, one of the city and another was the skyline tour. Both were beautiful. After that we went to see the Roman Baths.... and I stuck my hand in, even though I'm pretty sure you're not suppose to, it was healing! It was quite magical sitting on the steps of the Roman Baths imagining the people actually bathing in them. Then we went to the Bath fashion museum, because apparently Bath is runner up next to London for having the most fashionable people. (or it used to be at least)

We ended the day in a disgusting pub but somehow it tolerable just because it was in the city of Bath, which I've came to the conclusion that it's one of the classiest cities I've been to.

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