Thursday, August 4, 2011

Forever haunted by EF

I'll tell you one place I will never have to urge to return to... EF international school. Let me tell you a little something about my first and last experiences at the EF school. I was the first from our group to get to the school and from the moment I arrived they hadn't a clue on who I was... they assumed I was lost. I tried to reassure them I was definitely staying here and that this was the address I was given from the University of Washington..."Oooooh... the University of Washington...we know who you are... sorry, you are going to have to wait."

After an hour or so, they read the "rule book" to me, which I was immediately put off by... didn't I just turn 21? Isn't it my time to be done with this sort of thing? I was then led to a tiny toom with 3 bunk beds, wet paint, and broken desk drawers. The sheets looked unwashed and I probably would have had a better sleep on the floor than on their "mattresses", but, my tiredness always gets the best of me and I slept in it anyways.

As for the free meals.... I'm pretty sure that they cooked everything in one big pot (including the salad) and then separated it by labeling it differently. Not the best, but once again my hunger got the best of me and I ate it anyways. And as for the creepy servers, I guess it was nice to have a couple of admirers, but after the first day or two I got sick of being watched as I ate... I did get extra cookies once though.

I was glad for the promised single rooms the rest of the trip, this place was impossible to skype! I was yelled at a couple of times for sitting in the hallway on my lap top and couldn't do it inside with sleeping roommates. Trust me when I say, I was a happy camper on moving day.

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