Thursday, August 4, 2011

..I saw you differently

To me, a summer abroad is made up of something like a mixture of beaches, sun, and half naked people. Not the case so far in Oxford. The adjustment has consisted of missing America, missing Seattle, and missing walking out my front door to go wakeboarding. I miss surfer dudes, bros, and ranch. I miss my boyfriend, I miss it being special to be over 21.

 I miss bonfires and late nights under the stars. And here in Oxford I've found the best way to cope is to make friends. Because even with those things, being abroad has taught me that the biggest castle in the world can remain meaningless without a friend to share it with.

Anyways... this is a "summer day" in oxford. Clouds, old buildings, and not a single half naked person... no no, this is what you get in Oxford..


One thing I do like is that traffic ceases to exist in downtown Oxford. The "busyness" of the city is not marked by cars and road construction, but rather by people and street performers. Unique traditions can be found in most major culturally diverse cities, however, Oxford has a much different take on "tradition." It's fascinating to me that unlike many thriving cities that use their uniqueness as a tourist trap, Oxford just has the tradition, without any agenda besides keeping it alive. I guess the privateness of Oxford may be part of their tradition as well, which is why I am glad to have an extended stay here, because I think it is only then you can start to understand Oxford.

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